About Us

XL Logistics - tailor-made - for our S, M, L and XL-size customers

XLLOG is a young enterprise with a qualified and highly motivated staff, combining the benefits of a small "S-size" company - a small, flexible and fast-responding team - with XL-size assignment. Our headquarters are located in Stuttgart-Möhringen, south of Stuttgart. A branch office is operated in Frankfurt. Since 15 years, we also run a long-term business corporation with an owner-operated sea freight carrier in Hamburg that has specialised in project management and special solutions.

Our powerful logistics team is specialised in tailor-made solutions for the supply chain of your customers - no matter if local, regional, domestic, across Europe or even world-wide. XLLOG offers storeage and transport solutions, processing all our customers' requests both domestic and abroad, always guaranteeing for smooth, flexible and fast handling.